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The Little Trebuchet That Could

Beastly Changes and Discoveries

Science of a Trebuchet
Building a Simple Trebuchet
Trebuchet Sketch
Construction Photos
Testing Procedures
Meaurements and Calculations
Beastly Changes and Discoveries
Birth of BEAST 2
beast 3
The Designers

The following is an anaylsis of changes and remodelling jobs that occured to maximize the performance point.

 The first of our trebuchet trilogy was the infamous Beast I.  It was a FAT trebuchet, which stands for floating arm trebuchet.  The material we used for our structure was spruce wood.  We build Beast I using nails to secure the wood.  We had a base, 8 support vertical support beams, and horizontal tracks secured onto the support beams.  All of these things were constructed from solid wood, which made our beast (get the pun? Eh eh?) extremely heavy, for this project anyways.  We made many mistakes in building the trebuchet including placing the support beams along the sides of the base instead of positioning it in the center, where they are closer together.  The mistakes prevented us from actually testing Beast I with a projectile.  And since, Beast I was constructed using nails, we could not fix our mistakes easily.  This led to the birth of Beast II.