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The Little Trebuchet That Could

beast 3

Science of a Trebuchet
Building a Simple Trebuchet
Trebuchet Sketch
Construction Photos
Testing Procedures
Meaurements and Calculations
Beastly Changes and Discoveries
Birth of BEAST 2
beast 3
The Designers

aka "The Little Trebuchet That Could"

Beast III was radically different from its 2 predecessors.  It is not even a FAT.  It was a simple first class lever trebuchet where the weight dropped on one side, launching the projectile on the other side of the arm.  This time the primary material used in construction was Styrofoam for the base and bamboo skewers for the supports.  It was much smaller than Beasts I and II.  Its overall weight (counterweights included) is 0.6 kg, compared to the 12+ kg of Beast I and II.  With such small size and weight, the little beast that could did something the big beasts couldn’t – allowed us to actually compete with the other trebuchets in the competition.  We went through the testing procedure for Beast III as well and we were able to launch the projectile from 5 to 5.8 meters.  Our performance is now in the 13 to 14-point range, which was a great jump from 0.3 (this was the performance point value of Beast II).